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Long Valley Woman's Club Evening Membership

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Meeting Minutes


November 2014

Chairman's Message......

Thank you to



Our entire club for their hard efforts at the pumpkin patch at Ort Farms in October.  It was a huge success…the biggest to date.  First, we sold out of nachos and cheese.  Then, it was hamburgers and chili.  Finally, the baked goods were totally gone and we had 8 hot dogs left with a couple of cases of soda.  The planning and work was terrific.  Thanks to the husbands, friends, and partners that helped out as well.  We just had a beautiful weekend that could have only been better with a little less wind.  Congratulations to the 1st Aid Squad for how seemless an effort this fundraiser was.  Profits have not yet been reported to me yet.



The luncheon at the Black Forest Inn with the Long Valley Women’s Club was a lovely way to feel the spirit of the October season.


Our November meeting will be at Jill Wanner’s house at 10 Cindy Lane, Long Valley on November 12th at 7pm. Each member will brought a soup they made and invited a woman who might be interested in joining the EMD for a social dinner. We had Mexican Train Dominoes for a little fun afterwards. 



Andrea Schick wanted us to know the 1st Aid Squad had a  meeting at the Squad Building Wed. Nov. 12 at 7:30 pm. and invited us, but we had our Souper Social. They  discussed the Mutual Aid Christmas Party Dec. 10 at the Long Valley Firehouse. Everyone is asked to bring an unwrapped toy.

They will also discuss our Christmas Party Dec. 17 at the Squad Building.



“The Hidden Child” was a presentation at the Morris County Community College that Annette Sadloski , Carol Procter and 3 others went to view on November 12th.  She was a hidden child in the Netherland the entire Nazi occupation and discussed her memories. 







November 12th...the Long Valley Women's Club EMD will be having a Souper Social at Jill Wanner's home.  Members will be bringing our soups and inviting Long Valley residents to have a membership drive.  There will be a Christmas ornament craft to create and Mexican Train Dominoes for fun.  We are seeking new members actively in a variety of ways. 


December 10th... the EMD of Long Valley Women's Club will be having a holiday gathering at Carol Procter's home with a Chinese Auction and holiday cheer.  We will discuss whether you want to coordinate with the 1st Aid Squad’s Christmas Party.


January 14th...there will be a preparation for our largest event, The Chili Cookoff, at Jill Wanner's home again.  





February 7th... The Chili Cookoff from 5pm-8pm at the Schooley's Mountain Fire Prevention Center.  It costs $8 for all you can eat (chili w/cheese, rice, corn bread, homebaked bread, coffee, and baked goods for sale as well with some down home musical entertainment.  We invite you all to come and join us for an evening that you don't have to cook and all profits go to emergency services in our area. 



March 11th...Caring for Caregivers presented by Visiting Nurse Association will be at the Schooley's Mountain Fire Prevention Center and open to the public.  This is a useful program to help those who may be responsible for caring for a loved one.  It should be extremely useful whether you are in this situation now or may be in the future.  



Long Valley Woman’s Club

Evening Membership Department

December 11, 2013 (updated)



Ø  Meeting called to order by Joyce


Link to EMD website:  


Ø  December meeting: We celebrated at our EMD holiday party at Carol’s home. We ate, played games, had our gift exchange, and a very fun time was had by all!!! (Thanks Carol)


Ø  We are all displaying our Beautiful Holiday arrangements and ornaments made at our November meeting (Thanks Joyce)


Ø  Several of us attended the First Aid Squad Holiday Party on Wednesday, Dec 11. It was a lot of fun too.


Ø  Profits from the Ort Farm Weekend BBQ was $1263. Leftover paper supplies and soda will be used for our Chili Cookoff.(Thanks to all for your support!)


Ø  In-club budget was presented by Jill. Total to be budgeted $763.00 – approved unanimously


Ø  Carol is hosting her annual Christmas party on Dec 27


Ø  WMC Choral group will perform for the Woman’s Club on Thursday at the Presbyterian Church


Ø  Hackettstown Presbyterian Church is having a Stone Soup Symphony on Sunday, Jan 5 on Main St


Ø  Don’t forget to track hours for donations.



Next Meeting: Chili Cookoff Preparation on Wednesday, Jan 8 at 7:00 PM

at the home of Annette Sadloski (74 Fawnridge Drive, Long Valley, NJ 07853

908-876-3246 or 908-310-7109 (cell)


Long Valley Woman’s Club

Evening Membership Department

November 13, 2013



Ø  Meeting called to order by Joyce


Link to EMD website:  


Ø  Beautiful Holiday arrangements were made at our meeting (THANK-YOU  JOYCE) Members brought pine cones and ribbon to our meeting. We painted the cones with a glue mixture and rolled it in Epsom salts. This gave the cones a lovely snowy look. We then put floral wire around the end of the cone. Joyce kindly told us to leave the rest and she would put together the cones and ribbons the next day - and Voila! - we each have beautiful holiday arrangements. We also covered glass ornaments the same way and they came out great too!


Ø  First Aid Squad Holiday Party will be on Wednesday, Dec 11 at 7PM

EMD members have been invited to attend –several of us plan to attend, please join us

Donations will be collected for the LV Food Pantry - $15

There will also be a $5 raffle if interested.



(Since we are invited to the First Aid Squad Holiday Party at the time of our usual meeting (2nd Wed), we are changing the meeting date to the following Monday)

Ø  Our next meeting will be our EMD HOLIDAY PARTY on Monday, December 16 at the home of Carol Procter (331 Pleasant Grove Road, Long Valley; home phone: 908-850-8977 or cell: 908-310-6149)

We will have our gift exchange. Please bring:

WRAPPED GIFT worth $15


Officers: DESSERTS




Ø  Woman’s Club

·         is having Neena Deutsch (Singer Entertainer at their November meeting (Thurs, Nov 21 at 1PM – meeting starts at noon)

·         Mary Grant is collecting extra cards for the Veteran’s Home

Ø  Joyce informed us we will need a new Chairperson when she leaves (Since we all want her to be happy but no one wants her to leave, we will wait until we have a final date to have nominations.)

Ø  Junior Woman’s Club – representative from EMD to go to their meeting in January to encourage those who are alumnae to join EMD (they are out of compliance with the NJ State Federation of Woman’s Clubs’ bylaws for age limits)

Ø  Carol is collecting leftover Halloween candy to make care packages for college students if anyone has any leftovers, please let her know



Long Valley Woman’s Club

Evening Membership Department

October 9, 2013



Ø  Meeting called to order by Joyce


Link to EMD website:  



Ø  Discussed plans for fundraiser at Ort’s Farm Pumpkin Patch in collaboration with First Aid Squad

·         EMD - BBQ (selling hot dogs, hamburgers, and chili)

·         First Aid Squad –drinks, nachos, and desserts

·         Schedule circulated


Ø  Thank you cards received from

·         Trinity Food Bank


Ø  Boy Scout Michael Schomer receiving his Eagle Award at the Comfort Inn on Oct 19 at 12:30 if anyone wants to represent club


Ø  NEXT MEETING will be at Joyce Kowalak’s home on Wednesday, November 13 at 7 PM (112 Springtown Road, Long Valley, NJ  908-876-4152).


We will be making wreaths.

What to bring:

-PINE CONES (6- 12 depending upon size)
-RIBBON (1 roll at least 5 yards, with wire would be easiest but without is OK)
-GLUE GUN and GLUE (if you have one-if not we can share)
-NEWSPAPER (to put under wreath when making it)














Long Valley Woman’s Club

Evening Membership Department

February 13, 2013




Ø  Meeting called to order by Joyce


Link to EMD website:  



Ø  Fundraisers

·         Pumpkin Patch (profit $3,013.25)

·         Chili Cookoff (profit $792.95)


Ø  Treasurer’s Report: Jill provided (balance $4,628.33)


Ø  LVWC Antique Show (Feb 23 at LV Middle School)

·         Determined not to be feasible - not enough of our members are available to participate

·         Kitchen Help – volunteers needed




Ø  Interfaith Hospitality Dinner at Trinity Church

·         Faydeane discussed potential need at the end of May for our club to support

·         Cook at home and bring food (they provide salad)

·         Usually a meat and potatoes dinner

·         Usually on a Wed/Thurs/Fri from 5 to 9 PM

·         Microwave available

·         Approx. 7 to 9 adults and children now (? # by end May)

·         Plan games


Ø  Soup Night

·         Joyce took home the leftover Chili from the Cookoff and froze it – to be donated.


Ø  Tom Cross from Edward Jones Investments presented on planning for retirement, risks of investment, and social security.


Ø  Next meeting will be our Operation Cookies/Candy. Please bring 3 dozen cookies or candy (can be homemade or store bought). Recipient to be determined.


Ø  NEXT MEETING will be at the home of Jill Wanner on Wednesday, Mar 13 at 7 PM  (10 Cindy Lane, Long Valley, NJ  908-850-4132).









Long Valley Woman’s Club

Evening Membership Department

January 11, 2012




Ø  Meeting called to order by Joyce


Link to EMD website:  




Ø  Chili Cookoff Preparation

·         Food will be cooked at the event

·         Discussion on how much chili to make and what to purchase

·         Will also have a vegetarian chili

·         Each member to bring cornbread (double batch) and 2 bags of chips

·         Saturday 1 to 4:30 cooking

·         Friday night set up (later moved to Saturday)


Ø  Upcoming Events

·         LVWC Antique Show

§  EMD will do a raffle

§  Kitchen help needed



Ø  NEXT MEETING: at the home of Joyce Kowalak on Wednesday, Feb 8 at 7 PM

 (112 East Springtown Road, Long Valley, NJ  908-876-4152)


REMINDER from Joyce’s e-mail:

Need to set up schedules for our raffle table and who would like to help the morning ladies in the kitchen at the Antique Show Saturday, February 25, 2012 at the Long Valley Middle School. Ladies can you all make the dog cookies for that too. The recipe is available. Also on our table will be a basket, please bring an item from home that you will not be using to fill the basket for the raffle. Thank You Joyce Have a nice day!!!


For those who were at the meeting, changes were made after the meeting regarding purchasing ingredients for the chili. All ingredients for the chili will be purchased by the club and money taken from our profits from the October Ort's Farm outing - see e-mail from Annette.



·         Double batch of Cornbread (Carol will bring white bread)

·         2 large bags of Nacho chips

·         Club apron (or another)

·         Chili name pins (unless Joyce has yours)


Also if you have any of these, please bring them:

  • Crock pots
  • Extension cords
  • If anyone has an electric can opener or a rice cooker, please bring it


See you at the Schooley's Mountain Firehouse for set-up on Friday night (Feb 1 at 7PM) and Chili Cookoff on Saturday (Feb 2 at 1PM)




Long Valley Woman’s Club

Evening Membership Department

September 2012







1)      EMD Fall Conference will be September 29 at 9:00 – at Douglas College in New Brunswick – call Joyce if you are interested in going.

2)      The Pumpkin Patch will be on October 20th and 21st – sign up with Joyce PLEASE!!! She needs people to fill spots.

3)      Joyce will be handing out flyers at the next meeting for dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s-if you have dinner on those days then the club will get back a percentage from the dinner.

4)      The November meeting (2nd Wednesday of November) will be at the Schooley’s Mountain Firehouse and the Historical Society of Long Valley will be the program.  The meeting will also be a membership drive, please invite as many  people as you can—

5)      The following is the schedule for the year:












6)      Carol Proctor presented different NYC plays we can go to if interested – call Carol if interested.

7)      The State Project is “Family Promise” (housing the homeless).

8)      We talked about holding a “homeless dinner” after the Chili Cook-off and using the leftovers, which

we would probably do the night after the Chili Cook-off or shortly thereafter.
















Long Valley Woman’s Club

Evening Membership Department

November 9, 2011




Ø  Meeting called to order by Joyce


Link to EMD website:  


Ø  Tonight’s Guest Speaker from the Senior Resource Center had to reschedule

·         Voted to donate $25 and plan for more in future


Ø  EMD Banner for Chili cookoff

·         Joyce is looking for a good buy for a banner

·         Voted for Joyce to use judgment in cost and order a banner


Ø  Bootsy boxes

·         Voted $60 donation (Day of Service for soldiers in Afghanistan)


Ø  20% off coupons distributed for the Christmas Tree Shops


Ø  Club needs to complete Forms for Service Hours


Ø  Fostering Wishes has invited the club members to join them at their Kentucky Derby on May 5, 2012


Ø  Since speaker was not present, members had time to chat and enjoy each others’ company.



Ø NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, Dec 14

HOLIDAY PARTY at the home of Diane Klatzman

(42 Wehrli Road, Long Valley, NJ  908-876-9412)


·       What to Bring:

o   Food

§  ALL MEMBERS: Hor d’heuvres

§  OFFICERS: Dessert


o   Grab bag gift

§  Valued at $15 to 20






Long Valley Woman’s Club

Evening Membership Department

September 14, 2011




Ø  Meeting called to order by Joyce


Ø  Treasurer’s report read. In-club budget approved. Club dues sent to LVWC


Ø  Memorial Service for Shirley Gillette was held at the Schooley’s Mountain Park Lodge (approximately 75 people attended to honor her life) Bernice sent condolences from the EMD – response received from Shirley’s daughter and read


Ø  NJ State Federation


·         GFWC collecting for Japan disaster

·         Yearbook for sale

·         Federation Magazine

·         Gilda pins for sale (proceeds to Gilda’s club and Wellness Community) Silver bracelet for children Cancer Awareness $15 proceeds to Gilda Club

·         Mid-Atlantic Conference (Sep 15 – 18, EMD invited Sep 17 at Hyatt, New Brunswick)

§  Quilt raffle tickets (3/$10)

§  Jane Cunningham Crowley original founder of Woman’s Club (rededication of gravesite on Sep 15 and luncheon kicks off convention)


·         Fall Roundtable - Sat Oct 1

·         NJ Federation of Woman’s Clubs in DC Nov 9 – 10


Ø  EMD Roundtable at Headquarters on Sat, Oct 1 - $3.00


Ø  Bylaws (LVWC and Federation are our EMD rules (we have our “cheatsheet” in the back of our yearbook)


Ø  Raffle – Golden Girl Power ($50/ticket with prizes of $7,500, $3,750 and $3,750)


Ø  Believe…Achieve 2018 Rose Pin President Fund Mary Ellen Brock GFWC International President


Ø  Day of Service, Sat Oct 22


·         Veterans Homes of NJ collecting sweatshirts, deodorant, batteries, etc

·         Club to send $50 check for purchase of these types of items (will allocate from proceeds from Ort’s Farm event-will also put out a jar at the event to collect for cause)


Ø  Scrapbook items (if you have anything for the scrapbook, please bring to meetings


Ø  LV Festival – Oct 1 – 2



Ø  Carol obtained raffle licenses for Feb Antique Show – no charge, cost only if profit is to be >$200 (need updated LVWC license)

Ø  Correspondence

·         Received thank-you cards from WMC Scholarship recipients (Devon O’Connor – Music and Andrew Bansch – Drama)



Ø  Land Trust Fundraiser Saturday afternoon from 4 to 7 PM (beer, wine, desserts) $35 in advance, $40 at door


Ø  Frelingheusen Arboretum – music, many different types, on Sunday (food, wine) $35


Ø  Congratulations to Carol, who discussed how she had sent a letter to VP Biden, when he was a Delaware Senator, that led to his sponsoring legislation (Domestic Violence Act) –National Representative for Sussex County in July





Next meeting:



·         Wednesday, Oct 12 at 7 PM (Members to be there by 6:15 PM)

·         Invitations sent to EMD Chair, Federation President, VP Federation, NJ State Fed Ladies, LVWC President LVWC, Washington Twp Historical Society, LVWC-Juniors, Mayor, Town Council, Janet Ferrand-Fostering Wishes, Morristown EMD)

·         Annette will put info in LV Patch

·         Carol will put in newspaper

·         Program (Carol, Annette, Sandy)

·         Guestbook

·         Entertainment (Karen K, singer and composer, will arrive at 7:30 PM – club to give her a $25 giftcard)

·         Letterhead – have attendees send notes to our Soldiers

·         Name tags (Bernice)

·         Annette to send e-mail reminder




·       Attire – wear a RED shirt/top

·       Club Aprons (BRING YOURS)



PUMPKIN PATCH at ORT’s FARM Oct 22 and 23


·         Saturday 9AM to 6PM

·         Sunday 9AM to 6PM




Long Valley Woman’s Club

Evening Membership Department

May 11, 2011




Ø  Meeting held at Splash Restaurant in Long Valley and called to order by Joyce


Ø  Installation of Officers


Ø  Induction of New Members and Welcome to Faydeane and Sandy


Ø  Dinner enjoyed by all who attended




Ø  Next Meeting:

·         Pound Party (each member will bring a wrapped gift weighing approximately 1 lb and valued at $15.00 for raffle to other members-proceeds for in-club expenses)

·       Wednesday, June 8th at 7 PM





If you would like to carpool, please let Diane know and we will meet at Dunkin Donuts in the Valley at 6:30 PM.





Long Valley Woman’s Club

Evening Membership Department

April 14, 2011



Meeting called to order by Joyce

Opening Exercises Collect

Minutes from last meeting read and approved



Ø  LV Jr WC planning their Spring Fling on Wed, April 20 at the Publick House


Ø  Donate books to a library in memory of Phyllis Schneck, a member of the Rutherford WC and past EMD State Chairman – there will be a Memorial Service planned in late Spring/Early Summer


Ø  Collection of the following NEW items on October 22 for Veterans’ homes


·         Sweatshirts

·         Baseball caps

·         Winter socks

·         Personal items


Ø  Maplewood EMD no longer has a house due to high taxes


Ø  NJ State WC needs crystal (24 pieces of several items)


Ø  Foster & Adoptive Services

·         Kentucky Derby at Borgenecht’s 392 Fairview Ave.

·         May 7th 4 to 8 PM

·         $75 (tax deductible + $25 to charity)

·         Hors d’oeuvres, mint julips and other drinks

·         Silent auction


Ø  Essay Contest Winners

·         4th graders

·         Topic Breaking Barriers

·         Prizes: $50, 35, 25, 15 (plus $25 towards class ice cream party)

·         Topics for barriers included: language, night lights, being called “Shorty” speaking English


Ø  Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation - $55 donation from money raised with jeweler


Ø  Animal Welfare $253 from selling dog biscuits at Antique Show



Ø  3 Sholarships $500 each


Ø   Relay for Life – Annette is participating and looking for sponsors





Ø  Correspondence – thank you notes received from:

·         Schooley’s Mt Firehouse

·         Foster & Adoptive Services


Ø  Sr Resource Center for Chester, Mendham, & surrounding areas located at the Church of the Messiah on Rt 24. Looking fo r donations. Services include Lunch & Learns, Resources for Seniors, exercise classes


Potential Topics for Upcoming Meetings (2011-2012)




Foot Store


100 Years Collect Celebration with Juniors and LVWC


Sr. Resource


Holiday Party


Chili Cookoff Preparation








Installation Dinner


Pound Party




Ø  Installation Slate for May meeting

·         Chairman: Joyce

·         Vice-Chairman: Carol

·         Corresponding Secretary: Bernice

·         Treasurer: Jill

·         Recording Secretary: Diane


Ø  Next Meeting (Wednesday, May 11 at 7PM At Splash Restaurant (in Valley by traffic light)

·         $10.95 pasta specials (salad, dinner, dessert)

·         $150.00 from Club funds






Long Valley Woman’s Club

Evening Membership Department

Minutes of March 9, 2011



Joyce called meeting to order at 7:20 PM.


Vice Chairman Report:    Carol stated that the leftover tee shirts from our chili cook-off last year were used for prizes for the Read Across America project  and that the children had made hand drawn thank you notes for receiving them.


Education:  Carol reported the Breaking Barriers contest is over.  She would like to bring the entries down to the Top 10 to review for prizes.  The theme was based on Jackie Robinson's ethics and barriers   he had  transcended and to relate that to their own barriers/issues they had encountered.  Carol requested a volunteer(s) to help her go through the submissions.  Joyce volunteered to help her on a weekend to go over them and Rosann offered to help also.


Financial:  Jill passed out copies of the Allocations to go over tonight.  There is currently $5,614.23 balance in the checkbook.  The Allocations discussion centered on the 5 percent taken off for in-club funds  and the question raised of using the funds for members social events.  The discussion will be continued at next month's meeting when hopefully we will have 100 percent attendance.  The General Allocations discussion recommendations were to increase our donations to the Battered Women's Shelter, Scholarships,  Community Food Bank, Washington Twp Historical Society,  and to add donations to Fostering Wishes, Project Graduation, Washington Twp Library, Gilda's Club State Project, and the Blue Sheet State Federation Distribution.  Rosann made a motion to accept the allocations as proposed and Annette seconded.  All voted and motion passed.


Corresponding Secretary and Home Life:  Bernice stated there were two scout ceremonies this weekend as had been sent out previously in an email.  She read a thank you note from Tom Cross.  Nothing to report for Home Life other than St. Patrick's Day coming up, Lent, and time change this weekend.


Bev reported that the Woman's Club is having a non-food shower - donate paper goods not food items.


Joyce stated that the GFWC had sent a letter requesting donations in memory of Phyllis Schneck, a past EMD State Chairman, be made to the library in Rutherford.  Club agreed to send a $25. donation.


EMD Spring Conference is Saturday, March 19.  No one from our club will attend.


New Business:


Annette presented a prospective program for our club - the Foot Store in Chester will give a presentation on foot care and in return donates money once a month to a charity of choice.  He could come to our club next year  as one of our programs.  Details will be given to Carol for program suggestion.


Annette also suggested using Operation Jersey Cares who provides packaging guidance for sending food donations to our troops.  We could use them to send our package and will not cost us postage.  It would have to be mailed by April 2.  Joyce and Annette will look into this and handle sending our package.


Nominations for Officers for club year 2011-2012 were made as follows:

Chairman - Joyce

Vice Chairman - Carol

Treasurer - Jill

Recording Secretary -

Corresponding Secretary - Bernice

These positions will be voted on at the next meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.



Respectfully Submitted,


                                                                         Bernice Jacob







Long Valley Woman’s Club

Evening Membership Department

January 13, 2011



Meeting called to order by Joyce

Treasurer’s Report read by Jill (Allocations approved)

Guests: Bev from LVWC


Ø  Treasurer’s Report $3,853.08 in account


Ø  Chili Cookoff – Saturday, Feb 5th

·         Members should arrive at Schooley’s Mountain Firehouse at 11 AM

·         BRING:

§  Aprons (club aprons)

§  Pots

§  Can Opener

§  Corn Bread

§  Ingredients for Chili (remember we will cook it at the Firehouse)

§  4 lbs lean hamburger

§  2 cans red kidney beans

§  2 cans pinto beans

§  2 green peppers

§  2 onions (to equal 1 cup diced)

§  4 to 6 stalks celery

§  2 cans whole tomatoes with juice

§  6 small cans tomato sause

§  2 bags of nacho chips

·         Dinner will be served from 6 to 8 PM

·         Entrees must be present by 5 PM

·         Judging begins at 5:15 PM

·         Adults: $8; Children $5 (under 3 yrs old free)

·         Carol to solicit from WalMart, ShopRite, etc.

·         Joyce will put up signs

·         Annette will shop

·         Marie Boehne (LVWC) has non-profit number for no tax insurance forms

·         Clare Reynolds and the Peaches will sing

·         3 judges

·         3 categories (hot, most original, best taste

·         4 LVWC members to serve cookies/brownies (pkg to sell $1 each) LVWC to bake and donate



Ø  Carol prepared packages with our donations and bought additional items with our cash donations and sent them to soldiers abroad


Ø  Tom Cross from Edward Jones Investments in Long Valley will be our guest speaker next month, please think of topics or questions you would like to be answered (FYI, our LVWC-EMD was the first group that Tom presented to)



Ø   WMCHS appreciates our commitment to their graduating seniors with our scholarships in Music, Drama, and Fine Arts and asked if we will continue to provide support-voted yes


Ø  Conservation – ideas needed; there is now a bin for clothing outside the Schooley’s Mtn Firehouse; not sure if clothes go to people or to rags


Ø  Allocations after the Antique Show by April 1


Ø  Antique Show (Saturday, February 26th)


·         Longaberger Basket, bring items to fill it to Feb 16th meeting

·         Kitchen - need help from 8 AM on

·         Diane and Jill will be in the kitchen from 8 AM to 10 AM

·         Joyce provided recipe for Dog Biscuits – all members should make them (see recipe for packaging info also)

·         Need to determine who will work when, so far

Ø  8:45 setup (bring roll of tickets, cash boxes, start-up money, tablecloth, banner, raffle basket with items)

Ø  8:45 to 11 AM                         ___________   ___________   ___________

Ø  11 AM to 1 PM            Diane  Jill  ___________

Ø  1 to 3                                       Annette  ___________   ___________

Ø  3 to 4                           Carol   ___________   ___________



Ø  Annette is our liaison to LVWC

·         By-laws effect EMD at state level

·         If interested go to headquarters on Jan 22 to discuss

·         EMD is a separate division covered by the LVWC board



Ø  Dottie Waters from LVWC is collecting cards to send to nursing homes, etc.


Ø  Holiday cards – collecting fronts of cards for the St. Jude’s Foundation


Ø  Old watches – LV Jr Woman’s Club is collecting old watches for a mural


Ø  Support our troops - stocking stuffers playing cards, socks, etc; LVWC making homemade cards for our troops


Ø  Long Valley Food Pantry provided food baskets to 80 families in LV

·         They are in need of detergent and toilet paper


Ø  Next Meeting (Wednesday, Feb  9 at 7PM)



Long Valley Woman’s Club

Evening Membership Department

December 10, 2010



Meeting called to order by Joyce

Treasurer’s Report read by Jill (Allocations approved)

Guests: Bev and Dottie from LVWC


Ø  Bernice will send

·         A get-well/thinking of you  card to Shirley Gillette from LVWC

·         Thank-you cards to

§  J Thomas Jewelers for their donation of $40.50 (% of proceeds from purchases with cards referred by LVWC-EMD

§  Morristown WC for 100 year celebration

§  Eagle Scout receiving award in January


Ø  Carol is collecting donations items/money to buy items for soldiers


Ø  Chili Cook-off – Feb 5th


Ø  Antique Show February 26th

·         Annette will get form for raffle license

§  Change 50/50 to raffle of Longaberger Basket

·         Bring items to Jan 21 or Feb 19th meetings



Ø  Holiday Concert-40th Annual hosted by the LVWC featuring the WMC Choir at the Presbyterian Church on Thursday, Dec 16 at 1 PM


Ø  Friends of the Library funds cut so having a fundraiser with Pronto Pizza


Ø  Annette is the liaison to the LVWC


Ø  Adjourned for Holiday Party




Ø  Next Meeting to discuss Chili Cookoff

Annette Sadloski’s home

74 Fawnridge Drive

Long Valley





Long Valley Women's Club

Evening Membership Department

November, 2010


Meeting called to order by Joyce

Minutes read by Annette

 Treasurer's report read by Jill (allocations approved)

Chili cook-off - February 5th

Books collected for the Boonton Retired Firemen

Carol obtained approvals for 2 raffles - chili cook-off and antique show

Antique show in February

  -raffle proceeds to go to the LV Food Pantry

  -dog cookies (Joyce to provide the recipe, all members to bake)

(LVWC is having a 50/50 ongoing raffle to be called on St. Patrick's Day - will tickets be sold at this event? No, per Dottie)

Department highlights discussed

  -Annette sent out thank you cards

  -Carol looking for a Broadway or off-Broadway play

  -Yearbook - done

Ort's Farm Fundraiser - was a huge success

  -Our share of profit was $2,248

  -First Aid Squad has asked us to join again next year

Jill discussed rescued racing (homing) pigeons and that the Raptor Trust will take injured birds 24/7

Care Package for Soldier (one of Carol's former students): At the December meeting, we will be collecting the following items:





Jill to call 2 potential new members

Fundraiser at J Thomas Jewelry Store in Flanders ongoing until Nov 15th (10% of his profits for gold sold back in name of LVWC EMD will go to Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Next meeting: Holiday celebration: Jill's home

Each member is to bring:

  -a wrapped gift worth $15 to %20

  -an appetizer (members, not officers)

  -a dessert (officers)

For those who haven't made meetings lately, don't worry about it, come and have some fun with us.


Long Valley Women's Club

Evening Membership Department

October, 2010 


October 13th Meeting started at 7:25PM

Officer reports: No VC report

Finance $174.69 in - $88 from Woman's Club

$824.98   $1,595.67 balance

Includes com fund and $500 seed money

Recording Secretary - Thanks to JT Jewelry and congratulations to GS Tarama 2:30 Sun

Committee Report: Home Life - Oct 25-29 Red Ribbon Week - heart for breast cancer. Bernice distributed pink notebooks and pin. Carol had booklets and pins for breast cancer.

Education - should we have another essay contest? Carol going to ask her teachers if they are interested.

Performing arts - Carol and Joyce went into NY to see Mary Poppins and ate at Carmine's.

Public relations - Carol put in a picture of her and Joyce showing promotion of JT Jewelry.

Yearbooks - printed and distributed. Thank you given to Jill and Annette.

Old business - postcards distributed to members from JT Jewelry.

Ort Farm Weekend: all ordering for foods; Friday manning. Grills being delivered. Friday afternoon food help. 4:30pm call Joyce by Wednesday as to where to meet. Carol suggested putting out an email. Joyce went weekend of October 9-10. Huge crowd. Joyce explained where to park, how we will be ordering food and paying. Condiments need to be constantly checked. We need 5 for each shift. Boy scouts have been asked for help.

We received an invitation from the Juniors for their Fall Social Oct. 21st at 6 Krista Court. Posters to be made by Carol for Price List.

New News:

Jill presented the in-club budget for this year. We have an extra $249.69 to be budgeted. We had $50 extra go to Home Life/Installation dinner increased to $150 as well as Education. $25 went to President's Expenses. Public Relation increased to $144.69. Carol made motion, Diane seconded. Unanimous approval. Carol put in 2 raffle applications for 50/50. Chili Cook off and Antique show.

Diane brought aprons to wear at our fundraiser - green apron with Long Valley Evening Membership Division on them.

Chili cook-off - meat must be cooked on premises. Peppers and onions can be cut up at home.

 Booties for servicement - money was donated by members - about $35 money mailed to Federation.

Meeting adjourned 8:50pm. Roseanne's house next meeting.


Long Valley Women's Club

Evening Membership Department

September, 2010

2010 NJSFWC District Fall Councils Operation: Christmas Stocking Project

Sample Proclamation: NJSFWC Special State Project

Treasurer report: generated $1,424.98 + $623.11 in = $1,448.09 balance.

Sunshine - Historical Society - Thank you

Food pantry

Cards sent for Diane's sister and Sondra's mother

GS Gold Award 10-17 Tamara Houston letter of congratulations will be sent.

No Conservation - International - Education

-Home Life - teal ribbon to celebrate Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.

President Report - Cathy Sachar EMD Chairman

Fall Round Table 10-16 Headquarters

Christmas Stocking Bootie - Fed filling stockings with money donations. Annette will chair.

Old business - Ort's Farm cooking with First Aid Squad on weekend Oct 22-24. Trying to get boy scouts to help. Members need food handler license - need set up on Friday by 4:30 (need grill) Sat & Sun 8:30-5:00.

Everyone must take the food handling test.

All monies will be combined with First Aid Squad. We will split 50:50. First Aid Squad will be cashier.

New business - JT Jeweler's will buy any gold jewelry. Oct 15-Nov. 15 and give us 15% off the profits. Ask people to bring in postcard and if they purchased a piece we get 10% . Need someone to print postcards.

Chili cook-off - more discussion at next meeting.

Project Graduation 10-16 Townwide Garage Sale $20

WC meeting Girl's Career Leann Armbreuster speaking, Director.

Golf outing Sept. 29th. Dinner night $49 with $10 going back. $85 golf/lunch/cart.

October 13th at Carol Proctor's 7pm.



Long Valley Woman’s Club

Evening Membership Department

November 11, 2009

 Meeting called to order by Joyce

 Ø  Erica has created a wonderful website for the EMD-go visit at

Ø  Need forms completed with number of volunteer hours, donations

Ø  Juniors had their Fall Harvest Social (invitation arrived while Joyce was on vacation)

Ø  LVWC 95th Anniversary Celebration-Joyce and Diane attended and met Julie H. from Juniors. We discussed possibility of all 3 Women’s Clubs uniting for an event. Joyce to follow-up.

Ø  Autism is the State Project

Ø  Sympathy cards sent to families of deceased LVWC members (Ellie G, who had been citizen of the year [Dale R’s mother] and Betty H

Ø  Book collection at local school or other districts

Ø  Food Pantry (donate food-bring to meetings or collect $1 at meetings and Joyce will buy food to donate)

Ø  March Cookie/Candy-instead, let’s plan for doing something for our soldiers abroad (Diane to check into a contact for sending to local soldiers if possible)

Ø  Holiday Chorus at WMHS—let Joyce know if interested in attending as a group

Ø  Joyce can’t open attachments on her computer-send things to her in e-mail, cut and paste

Ø  Call missing members and remind them about party tomorrow


Reminders from previous discussions:

Ø  Antique Show (LVWC)

§  Set-up Feb 19

§  Event Feb 20 (only 5 spots)


Ø  Discussion regarding:

§  Raffle licenses (expiration in December, applications can go in after new ones obtained)

§  Antique Show Quilt

§  Bootsy Bags for Soldiers in Afghanistan (eg, baby wipes, batteries)

§  Bunco-open to public for April Meeting

§  Options

·         Prizes

·         Cash Prizes

·         50 % prizes/50% club for donations

§  Since the Chili Cookoff is usually successful, do we want to add another dinner at another time (eg, Ham Dinner)?

Proposed 2009-2010 Meetings/Topics/Locations (need confirmation)

Sep      Joyce

Oct      Jill                    (Breast Cancer Month

Nov     Carol               (Mexican Dominoes)

Dec      Joyce               (Holiday Party)

Jan       Annette           (Chili Cookoff Planning)

Feb      Liz                   (Craft Night)

Mar      Diane               (Cookies/Candy)

Apr      Carol               (Bunco)

May     Out                  (Installation Dinner)

June     Erica                (Pound Party)


Ø   Next Meeting: Wednesday, December 9 (7:30 PM) for Holiday Party at the home of   Joyce Kowalak

112 E. Springtown Road

Long Valley



Ø  Bring a wrapped gift ($15 value) for exchange game. Bring a dessert or an appetizer. Hope to see everyone.

For those who haven't made meetings lately, don't worry about it, come and have some fun with us--you know these exchanges bring out the "best" in all of us and are a lot of fun.





Long Valley Woman’s Club

Evening Membership Department

October 14, 2009

 Meeting called to order

Ø  Treasurer’s Report read

·         In-club budget needed (Jill drafted and distributed)

·         $96 rebate from LVWC dues

·         $50+ from Duck Games at Town Fair

 Ø  LVWC 95th anniversary at Schooley’s Mt. Park on Sun, Oct 4 from 1 to 3.

·         Joyce and Diane attended

·         Poem “Rhymes of the Times” written by Millie Palmer, chronicling the history of the LV Woman’s Club read.

 Ø  Fall Roundtable EMD at Federation Headquarters in New Brunswick on Sat, Oct 17 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM, light luch $10, registration $3 (let Joyce know if you want to go)

 Ø  Antique Show (LVWC)

§  Set-up Feb 19

§  Event Feb 20 (only 5 spots)

 Ø  Correspondence

§  Congratulations letter to Eagle Scout Charles Adler

§  Project was signs for the LV Presbyterian Church food pantry

§  Clare Cooney-Hackettstown nurse-organization for awareness from American Cancer Society

 Ø  Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October

§  Oct 23 is pink day

 Ø  Yearbook distributed-thanks Jill for creating it and Annette for printing copies-great job!

 Ø  Discussion regarding:

§  Raffle licenses (expiration in December, applications can go in after new ones obtained)

§  Antique Show Quilt

§  Bootsy Bags for Soldiers in Afghanistan (eg, baby wipes, batteries)

§  Bunco-open to public for April Meeting

§  Options

·         Prizes

·         Cash Prizes

·         50 % prizes/50% club for donations

§  Since the Chili Cookoff is usually successful, do we want to add another dinner at another time (eg, Ham Dinner)?

§  Cucinella School having a clothing drive

§  Linens

§  Stuffed animals

§  Coats

§  LV Presbyterian Church having sale--taking donations (Oct 23 and 24) no computers or furniture


 Proposed 2009-2010 Meetings/Topics/Locations (need confirmation)

Sep      Joyce

Oct      Jill                    (Breast Cancer Month

Nov     Carol               (Mexican Dominoes)

Dec      Joyce               (Holiday Party)

Jan       Annette          (Chili Cookoff Planning)

Feb      Liz                   (Craft Night)

Mar      Diane               (Cookies/Candy)

Apr      Carol               (Bunco)

May     Out                  (Installation Dinner)

June     Erica                (Pound Party)


Ø Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 11 (7:30 PM)

          -at the home of Carol Procter 331 Pleasant Grove Road Long Valley 850-8977



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